Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Just short of 25 years ago, I was considering offering my first Tarot classes at the urging of others. I was hesitant to do so as I was not sure I knew enough about Tarot. One night on going to sleep I asked my dreams for help with this decision. In a dream that night I "heard" a voice that I instantly trusted clearly say "You will be taught by teaching." Well, there it was. I began to plan the series of classes the next day. And I learned a great deal (and not only about Tarot) in the preparation and in the actual teaching.

How does this all relate to the Knight of Wands? In the wee hours of this morning I was awake and began muzzily going over in my mind each of the Ace through King of Wands in The Voyager Tarot (like counting sheep, in a way :-D) that I had just finished a two week meditation on. For some reason I settled on the Sage, which could be corresponded to the Knight of Wands. I then realized how the Knight of Wands, especially in The Thoth Tarot, has always for me been a highly energized card, blessed (or fraught, as the case may be) with all sorts of personal associations, in addition to it's usual meanings. To make a long story shorter, I realized it should be my next Taiga Tarot design. It was when I thought this that I recalled the above 25 year old dream. I'd never associated that dream to the Knight of Wands before. But decided to go with it, grabbed my dream notepad and began working on the tanka and drawing. The Knight of Wands below was completely sketched and the tanka written before I finally went back to sleep.

And here's The Knight of Wands in the Rider/Waite/Smith deck for comparison:

This Knight is sometimes said to be very generous. And although I've not specifically associated him with teaching, Wands are about communicating so it fits. (I've probably said several times in these blogs of mine that a Tarot buddy and I had an expression about what we'd see in the cards: "If a meaning doesn't fit, we'll make it fit." LOL!) Wands, in my understanding, are also somewhat closer to Spirit (very generally speaking) than the other suits. So this teaching can be more on an intuitive and spiritual level than the more worldly.

By the way, I think my sleepy mind tossed that dream quote up as it is as applicable now in my life as it was back then. It is, in a way, very reassuring to be told I can learn what is needful along the way. That I don't have to "know it all" before doing anything, as I'm on the verge of going along some pretty big and new roads.

BRIEF BACKGROUND ON THE TAIGA TAROT (Click here for additional background on the Taiga Tarot.):

Please note: This deck is not necessarily being designed for use in divination, but rather to share taiga based on each of 78 Tarot cards.

When I decided the name of the deck would be The Taiga Tarot, I liked not only the alliteration but the resemblance of the word “taiga” to “tiger.” One of my power animals is the Siberian Tiger (and by extension, all tigers), which first appeared as three tiger kittens in a dream. What I had completely forgotten at the time was that the area of Siberia in which the tiger ranges is called “The Taiga”!

A “taiga” (briefly put) is an illustrated tanka. A “tanka” is a mood poem written in five lines, that usually references natural images and human emotions. Also, there is often a contrast or conclusion or response in the last two lines to the first three. I recognize that the tanka/taiga I’m developing for The Taiga Tarot are non-traditional. As with the dreamku I write (haiku-like poems about dreams), I am not only attempting to bridge two things – Tarot and taiga – but also bringing my own experimental slant to it all.

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‘til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot,


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Scruffyhippo said...

So true roswilla, as a teacher now myself, I know I learn from the students each and every time, so yes you do learn from teaching.

Roswila said...

Yes, I thought that as a teacher yourself you might enjoy this post. :-)

VCW said...

This one really moved me. The drawing fits so perfectly with the words those are especially wise. I still can't believe that I haven't been keeping up with your cards; I love them so much. Time just scurries by me along with my grandchildren.

Roswila said...

Hi vcw,

It's delightful that you feel exactly as I do about this card. I'm very happy with it, both the image and the tanka. It's one I always show people when sharing about this deck. (Just between you and me -- LOL! -- I've not been as pleased with most of my more recent designs. But it is a process....)

It's also wonderful to hear that you enjoy these designs. Don't worry about infrequent visits to this blog; I know how you enjoy your grandkids. And the design process itself is going very slowly. Especially as my new life in California is proving to be quite a bit more social than how I'd been living in New York city. No complaining there, just a little bit of pleasant surprise.

Tarot Card Reading said...

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Roswila said...

Glad you liked this post. There's a lot on the internet about Tarot. If you search and select carefully I'm sure you'll find a site that meets your needs for learning. (My blog is probably more useful as a supplement to learning.)