Sunday, February 25, 2007


This blog is dedicated solely to my Taiga* Tarot designs as they develop. I am not necessarily designing this deck for use in divination, but rather to ultimately share 78 taiga, drawn and written out of my over 30-year journey with The Tarot as a faithful and creative guide. I also do not post these as final versions, simply as final for the moment. Some may very well be subject to revision as I discover more about their inter-relationships, or am drawn to a different design or wording, or receive feedback.

Very simply put "taiga" are illustrated tanka. "Tanka" are mood poems traditionally written in five lines of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables, that usually reference natural images and human emotion. Also, there is often a contrast, conclusion, or response in the last two lines to the first three. My tarot tanka are largely non-traditional, but I do make an attempt to respect the basic form. At the end of each card post is some additional "Background Information" on the deck.

From the start the cards have been influenced in some way by my night dreams, and they all have a decidedly psychological bent. I most definitely expect the latter to continue as that is largely how I relate to The Tarot. I also make no attempt to encompass a broad range of Tarot meanings and approaches in these designs, but to simply highlight an aspect or two of each card that I have found central, pointed, or less common.

As to why a black and white deck? I adore color and find it's often an important aspect of readings, so had no idea that the deck would be in black and white. (Actually, the only thing I "knew" about the deck ahead of time was that it would be a taiga tarot.) But this is how it has come through. I am planning to make the backs of my own laminated copy very colorful, however. :-D

I have the odd feeling that this deck exists in its entirety somewhere else/when, and is coming to me, card by card. There is also an image that keeps occurring to me: this deck is like an embroidered panorama, being made from one long strand of many textured thread, within which each individual card is one stitch.

* * * *

'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot,

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Anonymous said...

Hello Roswila,
I am wondering how many cards have you done? Notice that I did not say completed, as I noticed that it is an ongoing process. I think that they are wonderful, and although I read that you are not “necessarily designing this deck for use in divination” I think that they would make an excellent deck for that purpose. The simple images and the guiding words would make it easier for a person like me, who has trouble remembering all the many meanings of the tarot cards -- so I can interpret them -- for self or others. I was in the process of learning the tarot and was discouraged by the manifold decks and meanings. I often wished that there were just a few words to hint at the meaning and then my subconscious could take over. So far... I love the cards especially the 7 line poems that seem to me so appropriate. If you ever finish and have a deck made, please think of me and consider making an extra deck that I would be happy to pay for. -VCW -Charline

Roswila said...

Hi Charline,

I've designed 13 cards to date and they are all posted here. And, yes, they may be changed as I go along, but basically I think the 13 are a pretty well-done baker's dozen (forgive the baaaaad pun).

Hm, I had not thought that a very simplified and intensely personal deck might be useful to someone else. That would be icing on the cake! (My goodness, I'm making myself hungry with this food imagery....) I've been thinking of it as a personal Tarot art project.

I've plans to make a deck (I bought a little laminating machine) for my own use. If that happens before we are both way too old and grey to enjoy it, I'll be happy to make one up for you, too. We can work out cost when it happens, which will be "who knows when." The designs just come when they come .... :-D

Roswila said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here, Anna. I just finished designing The Devil, so he'll be posted tomorrow. He, too, came out of dreamwork.

It was a treat to be on Peter's Blog Day 2007 list, wasn't it? I'll be visiting your blog again, I'm sure, to enjoy some of your wonderful photos

paisley said...

this is wonderful.. i have saved this site to my reader so i may keep up with your progress... will these be available commercially????

Roswila said...

Hi paisley,

Thanks for visiting! I don't know if this will ever be commercially produced. I am just going along with the process as it presents the designs to me. At the rate of about one per month, it'll be a long time before the entire deck is done even. :-) I do imagine I will make one for myself eventually, though, as I bought a little laminating machine for that purpose.

VCW said...

You won't forget that I was the first to ask for a deck if it is completed in our lifetime... will you? Even if you do not produce them for mass sale, it wouldn't be too hard to print up two copies when you make your private deck. As you have already said, we can discuss price at that time. Keep up the good work. I'll keep coming back.

Maybe a richly colored tapestry design would be fitting for the back side. If you need any help there let me know.


Roswila said...

Ah, for sure, Charline. If I do ever laminate a full deck for myself, one for you will be the second I make.

As to backs: yes, definitely, lots of bright color. Maybe a mandala .... that would be intriguing since a mandala is said to represent a wholeness, and all 78 cards together can also be seen as a mandala, of sorts, a wholeness. This is not a totally original idea of mine, BTW. E.g., I've started reading Robert Place's THE BUDDHA TAROT COMPANION: A Mandala of Cards. And at least one deck I know of has Major Arcana that when put together form one complete picture...THE ZULTUN TAROT.