Friday, April 6, 2007


Leave it to the unconscious! I put up a notice explaining the delay in posting designs here and wake up the very next morning recalling a clearly Seven of Swords dream.

The source dream for this Seven of Swords was about a group doing work on one woman's dream (LOL!). In it I am trying to explain how I look for dark images that are less familiar as they are more likely to be windows onto the unconscious, i.e. new territory. Others either don't get my point or are resistant and even a little hostile to it. I become aware I look much like Johnny Depp in the Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, recalling that the first was about "The Black Pearl." Then there are images of middle class black folk from the dreamer's own ancestry, who are involved with political campaigns in the south in the 1920'-30's. (There's a bit more to the dream than I share here. I've limited what I say above to what is relevant to the Seven of Swords inspiration.) On waking, I immediately thought "pirate" = "thief" = "Taking back one's personal power and history" = The Seven of Swords!

And here is what resulted not very long afterward:

For those not familiar with Tarot, the Two of Swords (implied in the two in the upper right) is sometimes called "Peace." And fives in the Tarot are notoriously unstable (i.e. they tend to be about lessons, movement, change).

Although I have not done this up to now, I'm sharing the Rider/Waite/Smith version of this card for comparison:

I will post the Rider/Waite/Smith version with any new design from now on, for those not familiar with Tarot. As well as say more about the card.

By the way, I now have a theory as to why I had this particular "fallow" time with regard to the designs. At least a week ago I woke with an idea for the Nine of Cups but did not pursue it as I had been expecting the Majors to keep coming. (I did make note of the idea, however.) I believe what this unresponsiveness on my part did was give my unconscious the message to stop offering ideas. I've found in my magic and ritual work that this part of our mind (at least of my mind) is rather literal and direct. So my "rejection" of that Nine of Cups idea may have been taken to mean "stop," especially if the ideas brewing are for Minors right now.

As always, I'd be delighted to hear what you think about any of this. You can leave a comment, or email me.

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