Saturday, March 17, 2007


In my dream the night before last Elvis Presley was performing. A young, healthy Elvis, magically transforming into himself at various stages of his career. He and his band were all dressed in black. At the end of the performance, he went around brushing various lines, streaks, and spots of white on everyone, including himself. Okay, I mumbled to myself as I recorded the dream, "I'll work on you next, Magician," and proceeded to get up much earlier than I'd planned. :-)

In case this is your first visit here, I should mention that all six previous Taiga Tarot designs were in some way influenced by my dreams. And now here's the dream-Elvis-precipitated Magician (for background on The Taiga Tarot, see the bottom of this post):

BTW, I'm looking into getting a website (in addition to this blog) so these Taiga Tarot designs can be viewed more readily. It may take some time, unless my dreams start reorganizing my priorities, as well as prompting Tarot card designs. LOL!

BRIEF BACKGROUND ON THE TAIGA TAROT (Click here for additional background on the Taiga Tarot.):

When I decided the name of the deck would be The Taiga Tarot, I liked not only the alliteration but the resemblance of the word “taiga” to “tiger.” One of my power animals is the Siberian Tiger (and by extension, all tigers), which first appeared as three tiger kittens in a dream. What I had completely forgotten at the time was that the area of Siberia in which the tiger ranges is called “The Taiga”!

A “taiga” (briefly put) is an illustrated tanka. A “tanka” is a mood poem written in five lines, that usually references natural images and human emotions. Also, there is often a contrast or conclusion or response in the last two lines to the first three. I recognize that the tanka/taiga I’m developing for The Taiga Tarot are non-traditional. As with the dream haiku I write, I am not only attempting to bridge two things – with this deck, Tarot and taiga – but also bringing my own experimental slant to it all.

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