Tuesday, March 6, 2007


In my previous post I said I'd be posting either Death, The Hermit, or The World card designs next. But The High Priestess (II) made Her presence known, subtly as is Her wont. I was writing haiku yesterday based on dreams* and noted a camel in a very recent dream. I don't remember ever dreaming about a camel before and then I recalled that the Hebrew letter often corresponded to II is "Gimel," which in noun form means "camel." So here's The High Priestess design that camel dream precipitated:

I'm planning on working on either Death, The Hermit, or The World card next, but who knows what The Tarot will prompt. :-D

BRIEF BACKGROUND ON THE TAIGA TAROT (Click here for additional background on the Taiga Tarot.):

When I decided the name of the deck would be The Taiga Tarot, I liked not only the alliteration but the resemblance of the word “taiga” to “tiger.” One of my power animals is the Siberian Tiger (and by extension, all tigers), which first appeared as three tiger kittens in a dream. What I had completely forgotten at the time was that the area of Siberia in which the tiger ranges is called “The Taiga”!

A “taiga” (briefly put) is an illustrated tanka. A “tanka” is a mood poem written in five lines, that usually references natural images and human emotions. Also, there is often a contrast or conclusion or response in the last two lines to the first three. I recognize that the tanka/taiga I’m developing for The Taiga Tarot are non-traditional. As with the dream haiku I write, I am not only attempting to bridge two things – with this deck, Tarot and taiga – but also bringing my own experimental slant to it all.

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